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Office of the Controller of Examinations, Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology (Autonomous), governed by the regulations of the Bharathiar University, is responsible for the conduct of Continuous Internal Assessment and End Assessments Examinations, declaration of results, processing of transcripts, and organizing annual graduation. It takes several initiatives to ensure better standards by utilizing day-to-day technology for best practices and outcomes.


✓ Prepare the calendar of events.

✓ Conduct examinations for the PG program and post the results

✓ Conduct supplementary assessments for the final year students who failed in only one subject

✓ Update and implement the reforms related to examinations

✓ Convene committees/board meetings related to examinations

✓ Prepare the budgets and income/expenditure statement for the examination section

✓ Recommend the fee structure for examination and rate for remuneration for the examiners.

✓ Maintained the database of question paper setters and examiners confidentially.

✓ Printing answer booklets and grade sheets and maintaining its stocks.

✓ Appoint scribes for physically challenged people

✓ Measures the attainment of POs and COs in OBE

✓ Maintain high confidentiality in all aspects.

Controller of Examinations

Dr.Y.Babu Vinothkumar,BE.,MBA.,Ph.D


The Controller of Examinations

Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology


Coimbatore - 641 109


Phone Number:

Office: 8300149494

CoE: 8300129292

ACoE: 9715512053

ACoE: 8110913533


Particulars Schedule
Examination Committee Meeting June / December
Generation of Register Number and Nominal Roll for I-year programs September
Continuous Assessment Tests I, II, and III commence respectively on the 30th, 60th, and 80th working day of every semester August / September / October
January / March / April
Issue of Examination Applications and Exam Galley September / October
February / March
Release of Timetable for End Assessment Examinations October / March
Attendance Proforma & Internal Mark Statement 7 days before the commencement of End Assessment Examinations
Issue of Hall Tickets 3 days before the beginning or end of Assessment Examinations
End Assessment Examinations – Practical & Theory October - November
March - April
Publication of Results On the college website – within 10 days from the last date of examinations
Receipt of applications for revaluation / re-totaling / obtaining photocopies of answer scripts 7 days from the date of declaration of results
Special Supplementary Examinations for final year students July
Issue of Grade sheets December June


The exam committee has been formed by the direction given by UGC & Bharathiar University, which plays an essential role in finalizing all the activities of the examination section. The examination committee meeting will be convened twice in the semester and whenever necessary.


✓ Prepares the exam schedule for both CIA and EAE.

✓ Schedule the dates for submission of attendance proforma and internal marks statement

✓ Approves the nominal role of the PG program

✓ Finalize the course code and the list of courses offered for the current semester.

✓ Schedule the dates for valuation and result passing the board


S.No Name Designation Category
1 Dr.V. Latha Principal Chairmanr
2 Dr.S.Ramachandran Asso.Prof Member
3 Dr.Y. Babu Vinothkumar CoE Member
4 Mrs. A Nivedha ACoE Member
5 Ms. K Nivetha ACoE Member
6 II MBA Student Representative
7 I MBA Student Representative


  • 2016-17 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2017-18 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2018-19 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2019-20 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2020-21 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2021-22 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2022-23 |Odd Sem|

    The results passing board meeting is convened within fifteen days from the last date of End Assessment Examinations to analyze the results of the students of the PG program. The board will incorporate the moderation marks (if any), and the results of each student shall be uploaded to the college website.


    Approve the results of End Assessment Examinations for publications Approve the moderation of marks given as per Bharathiar University norms. Analyze the results of all programs


    S.No Name Designation Category
    1 Dr.V.Latha Principal Chairmanr
    2 Dr. S. Saravanakumar Principal-Vellakovil Arts & Science College University Nominee
    3 Dr.S.Ramachandran Asso.Prof Member
    4 Dr.Y.Babu Vinothkumar CoE Member


  • 2016-17 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2017-18 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|
  • 2018-19 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|  |Supplementary Exam|
  • 2019-20 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|  |Supplementary Exam|
  • 2020-21 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|  |Supplementary Exam|
  • 2020-22 |Odd Sem|  |Even Sem|  |Supplementary Exam|

  • 2016-17
  • 2017-18
  • 2018-19
  • 2019-20
  • 2020-21
  • 2021-22
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    Exam Fee Structure

    Fee Regulations

    Students shall only be permitted to appear for the End Assessment Examination if the examination fee is remitted through the college office or online on the stipulated date informed by 'The Controller of Examinations.

    Attendance Regulations

    Category I: Above 75% of attendance and eligible to write the examination in current semester subjects

    Category II: 65% to 74% of attendance but eligible for condonation and qualified to write the examination in current semester subjects

    Category III: 55% to 64% attendance, not eligible for condonation, and qualified to write the examination only in arrear subjects and not regular subjects. Can continue the course but compensate for the loss of attendance during the next semester.

    Category IV: Below 54% of attendance and not eligible to write the examination in current semester subjects, has to discontinue the course and redo the same semester during the next academic year.

    Restriction to take the Examinations

    a) Any candidate having arrear paper(s) shall have the option to take the examinations in any arrear paper(s) along with the subsequent regular semester papers.

    b) Candidates who fail in any course shall pass the course(s) concerned within five years from the date of admission to the said course. If they fail to do so, they shall take the examination in the revised text/syllabus, if any, prescribed for the immediate next batch of candidates. If there is no change in the text/syllabus, they shall take the examination in that paper with the syllabus in vogue until there is a change in the text or syllabus. In the event of removal of that paper consequent to the evolution of regulations and/or curriculum after three years, the candidates shall have to take up an equivalent paper in the revised syllabus as suggested by the Chairman of the Board of Studies and fulfill the requirements as per regulations/curriculum for the award of the degree.

    Exam Application

    Revaluation and Re-totalling Application

    Supplementary Exam Application

    Correction in Certificate

    Duplicate Certificate