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CIMAT lays great emphasis on the holistic development of students. The institute provides various opportunities outside the classroom: industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions, or entrepreneurial pursuits.

CIMAT offers students opportunities to interact with and learn from accomplished people. Business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organizations, and intellectuals regularly visit our campus invitation to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights into these role models' careers and personal attributes.


Through our technologically progressive smart classrooms, we offer a social milieu that endorses quality teaching and learning procedure. Our smart classroom equipment includes – LCD/LED Projectors/ Computers / Smartboards / Wi-Fi facilities.

Through our technologically progressive smart classrooms, we offer a social milieu that endorses quality teaching and learning procedure. Our smart classroom equipment includes – LCD/LED Projectors/ Computers / Smartboards / Wi-Fi facilities.

Our smart classrooms are built with modern technology that foils reverberations and echoes to stimulate maximum communication between the students and the faculty.

We encourage interactive sessions to help our students clear their doubts and improve their interaction skills. Our professors are proficient enough to guarantee seamless educational sessions and quality training to our students, helping them develop in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. Our interactive sessions also make our students proficient enough to address complex work-life situations with convenience and solve them with ease. This not only assists them in developing themselves as competent professionals but also helps them secure success at every phase of their careers.


The multi-cuisine canteen of the institute kindles the taste sense and caters to the hunger needs of Guests, Inmates, Visitors, Staff & Students. It can accommodate 400 members to dine at a time. The cafeteria offers a vast medley of hygienic, nutritious South Indian Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian wholesome edible food. The arrangement has been made for the boys & girls to dine separately.


A cafeteria is functioning on the campus to benefit students & Staff. There are other smaller cafes and refreshment outlets inside the campus. The spacious, airy & trendy cafeteria offers ample scope for students to break free from their arduous schedules and enjoy appetizing food in a highly casual yet pleasant ambiance.


The College provides generous parking for students and the Staff on the college premises for two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. The parking lot is situated near the academic block. Those who park their cars have to stand by specific rules.


1. At all times, speed limit norms should be followed.

2. Honking horns is strictly prohibited.

3. All vehicles brought inside the college campus must have all the relevant documents.

4. Wearing a helmet is a must for all students and staff members.

The College frequently conducted Road Safety Awareness Programmes and collaborated with Honda Motorcycles limited.


The College has the Union Bank of India ATM center within its premises, providing easy banking to its students and Staff. These cater to the urgent need for cash and other obligatory monetary transactions required by our students. The college ATM and Banking facilities are under 24X7 CCTV surveillance to guarantee the highest safety of the students while they have ample cash.


To cater to the student's reprography needs, the College has an in-house stationery store that offers student photocopying and printing facilities. The student-friendly store also provides a wide range of value-for-money general stationery items, toiletries, batteries, cosmetics, and accessories for men and women. At reasonable rates, it also offers geometrical supplies like mini-drafter and precise measuring equipment. Binding and lamination facilities are available to students to complete their project works efficiently.


Management education is a greedy academic expedition at CIMAT. The institute has an air-conditioned and well-equipped Conference Hall. The conference Hall is furnished with necessary audio-visual aids such as Smart Board and LCD projectors to enable multimedia presentations. It hosts several placement interviews, corporate meetings, and group discussions.


CIMAT has a mega indoor auditorium with convention facilities that can seat more than 400 people. It has a large stage, green rooms, comfortable seating space, acoustic ceilings, washrooms, and a podium. Mega cultural events, freshers' day functions, college day celebrations, graduation day ceremony science exhibitions, and paper presentations are conducted here. Our auditorium also serves as a venue to group students in one place and interact effectively with the Staff and domain-specific experts from different industries.


The Institution has Reverse Osmosis Plant to afford pure drinking water for the college premises and the hostel. This water is Pure, Tasty, and Hygienic, rendering it highly suitable for human consumption. The entire college campus is facilitated with pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water in every block to provide pure and safe drinking water to all the Students, supporting Staff, and Visitors. The water treatment plant provides safe drinking water at every tap on the campus. Proper maintenance and regular testing were done to ensure water quality. The rejected water from the plant is used for gardening and washing purposes.


Our institute is well equipped with 24X7 power backup as we have a dedicated HT power supply, Generator backup to ensure that students get uninterrupted power supply round the clock. We acknowledge the hassles caused due to interrupted power backup system, and hence to overcome this problem, our institute has a dedicated HT power supply; Generator backup is available in the campus 500 KVA – 1 No; 320 KVA-1 No; 140 KVA – 1 No and 40KVA(Portable) – 1 No for the campus and also 40 KVA UPS – 2 Nos devoted to the computer labs. We strive to provide our students with comfortable days at our College and quality and secure stays. Our uninterrupted 24X7 power backup facility helps us keep our students safe and at ease.


In the CIMAT campus rainwater harvesting system has been installed in the Main block and Hostels. The roof runoff water is collected through a network of pipelines and stored in the wells. The total capacity of storage is 900 m3. The remaining roof runoff water can infiltrate into the ground for recharge. The stored water is used for gardening and washing vehicles.


Fire extinguishers are strategically located on campus on each floor, based on the types of hazard present. Typically, a Type A Pressurized Water (PW) extinguisher is placed in a corridor for emergency response personnel, such as an Admin officer, or other trained personnel, such as an estate officer, etc.