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CIMAT pursues a holistic admission policy for all the program(s) offered by the institution. A holistic admission policy seeks to understand the whole applicant beyond marks and solicit whether an applicant will be a good fit in a program and whether they will thrive. This is in keeping with the best practices of International Universities and allows us to select the best applicant for our program(s).

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An MBA in Marketing Management consists of an advanced study of market research and analysis, pricing, promotion, selling, distribution, advertising, product design, and other marketing concepts.
An MBA in Financial Management comprises subjects that help students to understand the key financial business functions, like data frameworks, operations management and accounting rules and regulations. Students are trained to develop and execute techniques and strategic tools that will help them recognize, comprehend and analyse distinct dimensions of a financial business environment.
Human Resource Management
MBA in Human Resource Management focuses on imparting knowledge and training professionals to manage the workforce of an organization. Students are trained to develop and execute techniques and strategic tools that will help them to set of values, visions, ideals, norms, systems, and methodologies in HR field.
Businesses are constantly looking for talented managers due to the rising need for analysis of Big Data. It is the trending subject which make students to understand the importance of data and instantly analyse the information, decrypt and interpret actionable solutions to make a valuable organizational impact.


Operations & Supply Chain Management
This specific specialization is garnering a lot of popularity. It is crafted to impart students with extensive knowledge related to the processes involved in this field. It studies the implementation, control, flow management, movement of raw materials from the resource, i.e., the manufacturer or supplier to the consumer as a final product.
The Programme is designed to provide students with relevant knowledge, harness skills, developing out of box business ideas, designing a commercial venture and successfully maintaining networks that are needed for company expansion. The course teaches the core technical and pragmatic aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Health Care
A career in the healthcare industry has grown exponentially. To gain an edge over the competition prodigious growth of this sector, candidates are taking utmost importance to build a career with this specialization. Aspects that throw light in this specialization include advanced healthcare administration, enterprise management, advanced business concepts.
Agri-business management is a specialised management programme that focuses on the business aspect of agriculture production and its international trade. The course focuses on various aspects of business management such as making key business decisions and minimising risk.
Banking and Finance Management
An MBA in Banking and Finance management is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of the key concepts involved in conducting business online banking and extensive knowledge about traditional versus online business methods.
Food Business
MBA in Food Business Management course includes Specialization in some of the areas such as Food Marketing Practices, Food Marketing & Innovation, Global & Sustainable Food Market, and Strategic Brand Management
Tourism and Hotel Management
An MBA in Tourism & Hotel Management allows you to advance and acquire the skills required to manage the day-to-day operations, theoretical and practical subjects of the tourism sector through a holistic approach.
Retail business is booming with people coming up with new and innovative ideas to get customers and this is the right time to step into this field. MBA in Retail Management is a rather new specialization in the management stream. Due to the recent boom in the logistics and retail market, the graduates of this specialization are in high demand.