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CIMAT has provided Internet Facilities available through leased lines and Wi-Fi to provide continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students and faculty members for general purposes and learning during extra hours. These facilities are also available to students beyond college hours for the preparation of seminars & projects and research- orientated work. The entire campus, including the hostels, is Wi-Fi enabled, and students can access the internet on their laptops around the clock.

100 MBPS Broadband

Wi-Fi facility 24 hours on campus

We have local area wireless technology, which allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet using 40 MBPS on our college campus and in the PG hostel.

In our quest for excellence, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institute applied for re-accreditation by NAAC. We are highly indebted to NAAC Peer Team for examining our systems and validating our claims in our re-accreditation process, for which we received a "B" Grade in the year 2018.


The department has a well-furnished lab for the use of the students. It has a capacity of 150 computers with 100 MBPS broadband internet facilities and the latest software to enable students to be vigilant enough for upcoming trends in the field of management, general awareness, and technological changes around the globe. We also have a language lab equipped with the latest facilities and hi-tech equipment for enhancing students' communication skills.