• Autonomous | Affiliated to Bharathiar University | Approved by AICTE | Re- accredited by NAAC

Equal Opportunity Cell For The Students With Disabilities.

Students with disabilities pursuing education are a very proud accomplishment. These students may come from families with different financial backgrounds without a college-going tradition. Some have parents who support their education plans; others are under family pressure to enter the workforce right after high school. Often these students do not know what their options are regarding education, and they may have fears about going to college and misconceptions about their capabilities.

We recognize that these students will face unique experiences as they begin this exciting journey, and we look forward to supporting them. In every generation, leaders emerge. Students who can gain a graduate education have many more excellent opportunities. This cell is formed as per the communication received from UGC on 4 th December 2019 to help these students to complete their graduation.

The following are the objectives of the “Equal Opportunity Cell for Disabled Students.”

  •     To remove the anxiety and fear in them.
  •     To provide guidance and support.
  •     To motivate and instil confidence.        
  •     To facilitate placement.
  •     To kindle the entrepreneurial spirit.
  •     To help them to become empowered women.


a) Motivational activities

b) Guidance and Support is extended for :

  •     1. Course Selection

  •     2. Core Courses

  •     3. Allied Courses/ Online Courses

  •     4. JOC Courses

  •     5. Foundation Courses about CBCS

  •     6. Placement/ Higher Education

  •     7. Payment of Fee- Course fee/ Exam Fee/ JOC fee

  •     8.Scholarship Available – Government / Private
    • a) Government – Community Based Scholarship,
    • b) Private – Merit Scholarship, Community

c) Guidance and Counselling students on a need basis is provided for:

  • 1. Personal Issues
  •  2. Social Mobility.

Last Friday of every month, these students can meet the concerned members to discuss their personal issues.